Demo and Instructional Videos

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Switchblade 8F Overview
This video shows some things you can do with only 2 effects, an expression pedal attached to the Switchblade 8F, and the use of one of the three available Autosweep functions.

Program Your First Preset on the Switchblade
This video shows you how to create your first simple preset connecting one effect between your guitar and amp

Switchblade Editor Tutorial Part 1: Setting Up the Editor
How to give names to the inputs and outputs on the Switchblade and how to create icons for the worksurface

Switchblade Editor Tutorial Part 2: Creating Your First Presets
How to get some icones onto the worksurface and connect them together to make your first preset

Switchblade Editor Tutorial Part 3: Using the Preset Lists
How to to organize your presets into lists and groups and how to move presets to the Switchblade list for writing to the Switchblade's non-volitile memory

Switchblade Editor Tutorial Part 4: Writing, Reading, and Comparing Presets
How to writing presets to the Switchblade, read them back in, or compare the Editor file with the presets in the Switchblade

Switchblade Editor Tutorial Part 5: Setting Levels in a Preset
How to change the levels of connections within a preset to fine tune your tone

Switchblade Editor Tutorial Part 6: Using Controllers
How to assign controllers to connections within a preset to add volume swells and panning using an expression pedal as a controller