The new Switchblade 8F is the perfect system for musicians that need a pedal switcher on their pedalboard or rack drawer. This unit is our Switchblade-8 rackmount system reduced in size to a compact package without any sacrifice in audio quality or features. In addition, the 8F has some remarkable new features making it perfect for pedalboard use. Be sure to check out the 8F owner's manual on our download page for more insights.  You know you've been wanting to build your own pedal board and this is the unit that will bring it completely together.

guitar switcher - Switchblade 8F
  • All analog audio path with superb audio quality and silent preset changes
  • Top quality buffers on each input and each output to overcome cable and effect deficiencies
  • Route effects in series (in any order), in parallel, or in complex series/parallel combinations on a preset by preset basis
  • Select combinations of instruments and amps and select among them, combine them, or separate them into independent systems on a preset by preset basis
  • Program fixed gain levels from -48dB to 0dB at every input to output connection (not just the inputs or outputs) for complete control over effect level ratios and overall gains on a preset by preset basis
  • Control the switching of the channel and reverb on your amp either on a preset by preset basis or directly using MIDI using the 2 internal contact closure relays
  • Use Control Change on/off messages (instant access switches) to intelligently remove and re-inset effects, instruments, and amps within a preset using our "Smart Insert" feature
  • Monitor each input level using the VU meter function
  • Easily copy presets to other preset locations
  • 2 expression pedal ports allow pedals to be used as controllers to add volume, crossfades, and panning to connections
  • 3 fully independent Autosweep (LFO) controllers to add tremolos, crossfades, and panning to connections
  • 8 MIDI controllers can be used to add volume, crossfades, and panning to connections
  • Any 8 of the above 13 controllers can assigned to individual or groups of input-output connections on a preset by preset basis and scaled to each individual connection
  • FootSwitch jack allows connection of a triple momentary footswitch to scroll through presets, select presets randomly using a Preset Manager function, boost/cut gains, tap tempo any or all of the 3 Autosweeps, toggle relay functions, transmit up to 4 on/off Control Change messages to external effects, or normalize preset levels
  • Use the Switchblade as a MIDI controller to transmit Program Change, on/off Control Change, and continuous Control Change messages to additional MIDI devices
  • USB port for programming and remote control using our BladeEdit editor
  • Enhanced input and output levels for extra headroom. Maximum input and output levels now over 11dBv