You have a pedalboard with lots of great effects and now you want to take that extra step and control it all with a Switchblade 8F.  Great idea!  Let us help you.

Here's how it works: (Currently this service is only offered for U.S. customers)

1) You call or email and describe your current setup, what you are doing with it, and what you need.

2) You either already have an 8F or you purchase an 8F from us to use on the pedalboard.

3) We work out the details and you send us your gear.

4) We build your pedalboard around your 8F, program it for you if you want, and send it back in short order.

5) You play through your new pedalboard and your jaw drops with amazement!

Your pedalboard could look like this!  This board is owned by one of our customers and is an example of how an 8F fits into your system.  Notice that this configuration is not controlled by MIDI but instead by a simple 3 button footswitch (seen just below the 8F).  Use this switch to select different functions such as just scrolling up and down through presets, or using the Preset Manager to step through presets in lists, setting preset level and more

Of course the 8F setup can be controlled by any MIDI foot controller from the most simple to the most advanced for more flexible control over all of your system.

Imagine just stepping on one switch and have certain effects selected, the order (series or parallel) of the effects changed, the levels between effects and amps set, the state of your amp channels changed, your instrument selected, Autosweeps engaged, expression pedals engaged and more.  Just one switch!