NEW - AVAILABLE NOW! The Abyss is more than just an A/B box, It is by far the most advanced AB switcher in the world. Packed with more features than any other, this A/B switcher takes switching between amps to a whole new level. Added features include a Boost switch, the ability to increment or decrement levels in both boost and non-boost modes, 36dB total range, MIDI control of all functions including volume swell and panning under MIDI Control Change messages, ramped switching between amps, transformerless isolation between amps, phase switch, and even an expansion output to expand to 8 amps. Read more on the Abyss product page.

Our flagship product, the Switchblade GL is arguably the most desirable guitar effect switching system on the planet. No other guitar switching system can come close to the abilities of the GL. Connect effects in series in any order, in parallel, or in series/parallel combinations and with the ability to set levels at every connection to balance effects all under preset control, this is the most versitile system available at any price. The audio channels of the GL are superbly transparent and with buffers on each of the 16 inputs and outputs your tone is preserved throughout your entire system. This is the system trusted by the top guitarists in the world.

The Switchblade 8F is just like our Switchblade-8 but for the floor! This tiny unit, measuring only 9 by 4 by 2 inches (23 x 11 x 5 centimeters) has all the power of its rackmount cousin with great additional features useful for floorboard use. With an array of three Autosweeps (LFOs) you can add tremelos, pans, and effect crossfades everywhere in the effect network. Two expression pedal jacks give you built in volume, pan, and effect crossfading capability everywhere and the expanded footswitch jack accepts a triple footswitch so you can change presets, step through gains, tap tempo the Autosweeps and much more. You don't need a MIDI controller to use the 8F effectively but if you have one a full compliment of MIDI commands is built into the unit. IF YOU HAVE A FLOORBOARD, YOU NEED AN 8F!.

The Switchblade 8B is the same as the Switchblade GL but with 8 inputs and 8 outputs instead of 16, 2 amp control outputs instead of 4, and 75 presets instead of 125. For smaller systems and for a more modest price the 8B is the perfect switching system for smaller racks.

guitar switcher - Switchblade 8

The Switchblade 8 is the same as the 8B, but has single ended inputs and outputs instead of servo balanced I/O included in the GL and 8B. Single ended systems are the common configuration of all other switching systems on the market and work great for players on a budget.

volume pedal - Volcano

The Volcano is the worlds most versitile and advanced MIDI and expression pedal controlled volume unit. These types of units are usually called VCA units, but interesingly the Volcano doesn't use a VCA. Instead, the gain is controlled by a well designed differential high speed resistor selection circuit for a beautiful purity you simply can't get from a VCA.

ab box - ABCadabra

The ABCadabra is a MIDI controlled single input, dual output AB selector. Used to switch between two amps or to route a guitar to both amps all under MIDI control. In addition the ABCadabra can be used to insert or remove a single effect device from a signal chain for a true-bypass of the effect. Reserved programs allow you to switch amps, bypass an effect, or use the unit to select between 2 signal processors to route to a single amp.

amp channel switch - FootSim

The FootSim is a MIDI controlled quad relay based contact closure used to change the channels or reverb state on an amp. The newly released Mk II version now supports phantom power.