JavaBlade Version 1.23

Java Switchblade Editor for the Mac and PC

The Javablade editor was created by a third party and is not officially supported by Sound Sculpture although we do our best to help get you going if you have any issues in using it. It was updated recently by one of our friends to work with OSX Lion and Mavericks and will work with El Capitan as well.  Please note that BladeEdit is our in house Editor and is recommended both for Mac and PC.  We are keeping JavaBlade as a download for those that happen to like it.

This is a self extracting file. Download and save in a local directory, then click on it to execute the installation program. You must have Java (Oracal) installed on your computer which can be found at

JavaBlade version 1.23

Mac Users Please Note: The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) that comes with OSX does not have a sufficient MIDI implementation to allow OSX to see your MIDI device and although the program will run, it will not be able to communicate with your Switchblade. To correct this you must install the following add on prior to running  After installing both the add-on and your USB to MIDI interface, power cycle your computer to be sure the add-on is recognized.  If successful you will notice not one, but two sets of names for your MIDI device. One set for the input port and one for the output port.  Try one set first and if that doesn't work, try the second