The FootSim contains 4 midi controlled relays accessible through two stereo 1/4" jacks. It is used to replace the mechanical push on/push off or momentary footswitches commonly used to switch the channels, tremolo, and/or reverb on your amp.

amp channel switcher - FootSim

The FootSim responds to both Program Change messages and Control Change messages. The Program messages can be used to turn on, turn off, pulse, or toggle individual relays and a single Program messages can also be used to set the states of all 4 relays using just one command.

Using Control Change messages individual relays can be controlled. This is useful for MIDI foot controllers that have "instant access" switch capability where pressing a switch once sends out a "on" type Control Change message and pressing the switch again sends an "off" type message to turn a relay on and off.

Using the FootSim is a great way to automate the channel and reverb switching of your amps when you wish to control everything with MIDI.

The 1/3 and 2/4 jacks are 1/4" stereo (tip-ring-sleeve) jacks. If you plan to only use 2 of the 4 relays available then you can simply plug standard mono cables between the FootSim and the Amplifier or device you wish to control. In this case only relay 1 and 2 are accessed.  To use all 4 relays, use a stereo cord or stereo to dual-mono Y style cord in each jack. 

The Last Indicator illuminates if the last relay selected switches to an "on" state and extinguishes if the relay goes to an "off" state. This is a convenient indication of the state of the most recently selected relay.  

The Power Indicator lights when DC power from the module is applied.

The MIDI Indicator flashes whenever the FootSim sees MIDI data that it recognizes and uses on its own channel.  This is an indication that the unit has just responded to a command.

The MIDI In Jack connects to a standard foot controller or the MIDI data stream.

The MIDI Thru Jack passes all MIDI data through undisturbed.

The Power Jack connects to the supplied power module and operates at 9V DC @ 100ma with the center pin positive.

The FootSim measures approximately 5-1/2" X 3" X 1-1/2" in size.

Below shows a typical applications for a setup using only 2 of the 4 relays and also for all 4 relays.


The easiest way to use the FootSim is to connect two standard 1/4" cables between the unit and your amp's control jacks. Most amplifiers use separate standard 1/4" jacks for the channel and reverb functions.  In this case you will be using MIDI to operate relays 1 and 2.