Get our BladeEdit editor and product manuals here.


BladeEdit is a software editor for both Mac and PC used to simplify the task of creating awesome presets on your Switchblade GL, 8B, 8F and 8 in a pleasing, easy to use visual environment.  Although the front  panel programming on all our Switchblades was designed to be very fast and intuitive, with BladeEdit, large numbers of complex presets can be created with lightning speed and auditioned as they are created.   This allows fine tuning of your tone with a minimum of fuss.

BladeEdit Version 3.50 (Beta) is the renamed version of WinBlade designed for both Windows and Mac (under Wine) and has been updated with a smoother worksurface, cleaner operation and an overall more pleasant experience.  This version is a substantial update internally although the user interface will still be very familiar to WinBlade 3.48 users.  Check out the What's New section of the program Help for more details.

BladeEdit 3.50 for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10

Installation is standard.  Simply download from the above link and click on the download to begin installation.  The default installation folder will be in the Sound Sculpture folder in a new BladeEdit folder and you will still be able to use your old version if that is still installed.

BladeEdit 3.50 for Mac (Tested on High Sierra -

PLEASE NOTE: BladeEdit may not work on Mojave. We will be looking into this, but for now, we are not supporting BladeEdit on Mojave.

  UPDATED ON 1/10/2018 TO RUN ON HIGH SIERRA. BladeEdit for Mac operates under Wine. Wine is an open source emulator program and is included in the installation package. Installation is easy, but a bit different.  The program wrapper (BladeEdit + the Wine program) is 271MB so may take awhile to download. IMPORTANT - When download is complete, open your DOWNLOAD folder and copy or move the file over to your APPLICATION directory (YOUR application directory, not the system application directory), Then unzip it and it will unzip to that same folder. Press CTRL and double click on the file to install it. You must press CTRL while double clicking or the file will not open. (you will only need to do this the first time you try and open the file after unzipping it). On some systems it may seem to take awhile before the installation begins, but be patient. Moving the program to your application folder should put the BladeEdit icon in Launchpad as well.  

We are VERY HAPPY that we now have this program running on OSX for you. It's been a long wait, we know, but here it is!  Have Fun and tell your friends about it!

NOTE FOR 8F OWNERS:  Only the MIDI ports are available as the USB direct connection to the 8F is not yet implemented on the Mac so you will need a USB to MIDI adapter such as the Midiman (M-Audio) 2x2 Anniversary or other quality adapter. Be sure to install the driver that comes with your adapter.  

NOTE: BladeEdit will not work with the Switchblade 16 or the Studio Switchblade.

Winblade 3.48 (Legacy) for Windows (3/18/2016)  XP(SP3) / 7 / 8.1 /10
Version 3.48 fixes a few bugs in 3.47 and should be used in place of 3.47.  If you are using 3.47 or earlier please install this version for the best operation with your Switchblade. The interface hasn't changed over 3.47 so the interface will be very familiar to you.  This program will also work under the Parallels interface on a Mac. This program will not work with the Switchblade 16 or Studio Switchblade.
Javablade for all platforms (Legacy) for OSX Lion and Mavericks - Not for Switchblade 8F)
Although JavaBlade is no longer updated, we are keeping it available for fans of this program.  It can operate on Windows, Mac, and will possibly run on Linux (untested on Linux).

System Requirements for BladeEdit on Windows
As of right now BladeEdit has only been tested on Win10 but there will likely run on  XP/7/8/8.1 as well.  If you do have a problem please email with your findings.

BladeEdit will not work with the Switchblade 16 or the Studio Switchblade. These units are very old now and are no longer supported.  

Who Can Download BladeEdit?

If you have been wondering about all of the power locked up in the Switchblade and would like to get a better feel for how it works, we urge you to download the BladeEdit software and give it a try. BladeEdit is so intuitive it's a snap to learn and use. With the visual interface you can get a good feel for the many ways to connect signal processing devices and to check out just how the Switchblade can fit into your guitar rack or studio rack systems. Many of the features found in the Switchblade and the amazing things you can do with one are demonstrated nicely in the BladeEdit software.