BladeEdit 4 on Mac - Here are the Details

You can now run BladeEdit 4 on your Mac, right in the MacOS operating system, using the remarkable app created by the geniuses at Codeweavers.  

Codeweavers app, called Crossover uses an open source technology called WINE. It works by taking the BladeEdit program, translating it into code that MacOS understands and then runs that translation.  Crossover works on all versions of MacOs from High Sierra (10.13) right up to the latest Ventura (13.0).

You can run a trial version of Crossover to see how it works out for you and the paid version is only $79. In addition your version of Crossover doesn't just run BaldeEdit, but will run almost any Windows programs. We think you'll agree after trying BladeEdit 4 on your Mac that this is what you've been waiting for!

Why run BladeEdit 4 on your Mac? BladeEdit is a mature program that's been in development for years. It is continuously improved with new features and subtle refinements constantly added. BladeEdit 4 is the next generation of BladeEdit and is a beauty!

Instructions to install BladeEdit 4 on Crossover

1. Click on the link to download the BladeEdit 4 app and move it to an convenient location on your Mac

2. Go to Codeweavers, download the trial version of Crossover 22.1 and install it.
3.  Run Crossover, and from the home page, in the bottom left corner click on “Install”.

4.  On the install page, in the upper right, click on “Install as unlisted application”

5.  On the unlisted application page, there are 2 lines that need to be edited. Click on the edit button to the right of the first line item where you need to select the BladeEdit4xxSetup.msi file you downloaded in step 1.

6. Click on the edit button for the second line item, choose new bottle, and give it some random name like BladeEdit4.  For the drop down list, leave as Win 64 bit.

7. Continue with Install and Crossover will proceed to translate then run the BladeEdit installation program. The usual installation dialogs for BladeEdit 4 will run. Select all the defaults, and when you reach finish, the Sound Sculpture Logo will appear in a Crossover window.

8. Click on the logo to run the BladeEdit program and have fun!