The new Abyss is an advanced A/B switch, with way more features than any other traditional AB box on the planet!  

ab box - Abyss
  • Select amp A, amp B, or both 
  • Kick in up to 18dB of boost for the selected amp(s)
  • Set the levels of each amp in both normal and boost state independently  (4 different level settings)
  • Levels can be set on the fly by pressing and holding the A (down) or B (up) switches until the desired level of the selected amp(s) is reached
  • Level in non- boost state for each amp can be set from -18dB to 0dB in 1dB increments
  • Level in boost state for each amp can be set from +1dB to +18dB in 1 dB increments
  • Both amps can be selected simply by pressing the switch of an amp that is already selected
  • All functions (Amp select, levels, boost, etc) can be accessed via MIDI Program or Control Change messages
  • Levels of the selected amp can be swept from off to the current gain using MIDI Control Change with an expression pedal
  • Amps can be panned using MIDI Control Change with an expression pedal
  • Units can be cascaded connecting the Expansion output to the Input of the next unit using a TRS (stereo) type cable. All units will respond to a switch press on any unit.  A tuner can be connected to the last Expansion jack for buffered tuner use
  • All amps can be muted by pressing and holding the Boost switch and re-activated at the current selection and levels by pressing the Boost again or by going directly to an amp switch
  • MIDI only needs to be connected to the first unit in a series to control all connected units as units talk to each other over the ring of the interconnecting cable
  • The LEDs over each amp are multi colored and will change color depending on the current level of the amp from green through yellow to red (for -18dB to +18dB) 
  • Each output has a buffered float circuit (NO transformers to affect your tone!) to isolate not just one amp but both amps for full isolation in multi unit configurations.  The output can be set to ground or float with a switch
  • The B amp output can be set to in phase or out of phase with a switch