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We specialize in precision audio switching systems and MIDI accessories for the performing musician and the recording studio. 

Welcome to Sound Sculpture Musical Instrument Products. You have found the official site of the world's most advanced effect switching systems and related accessories.  Our family of products are used around the world by touring musicians who depend on our products year after year to integrate their systems into reliable and friendly workhorses.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions or if you need to discuss your requirements for upgrading your rack and floor effect systems with our products.  We are here to help!

We are celebrating our 30th year of providing essential products with 100% all analog audio paths.  Browse through our pages and be amazed by the solutions you've been searching for.

Ken Czepelka - Owner


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Photo credit: Luca Serazzi / Foter / CC BY

Latest News


NEW - (3/23/2016) GET A GLIMPSE of how our Volcano is used in The Black Keys Guitarist Dan Auerback's guitar rig
 IN THIS VIDEO (You can cut to the chase at 5:30 and again at 9:15 where Auerback's tech Dan Johnson talks about how they use it.)

NEW - (3/23/2016) 30 SECONDS TO MARS environmental documentary ""Edge of the Earth" is showing on Netflix and is a must see!  These guys are Switchblade GL power users and their sound is a testament to that.  

NEW - (3/18/2016) WinBlade version 3.48 is now available on our Support - Download page

11/19/2015 - Mobile friendly web site launched - with some new pages!  

7/31/2015 - EXCITING BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK at Imagine Dragons guitar rig featuring the Switchblade GL!  (You can cut to the chase right around 11:45) - VIDEO OF IMAGINE DRAGONS RIG

1/23/2015 - Video now up:  How to Program Your First Preset on the Switchblade

guitar switcher - Switchblade GL

The Switchblade Family

‍The Switchblade series is the only all analog effect routing system that allows you to not only route effects in series and parallel in any order, but also gives you full control over the levels at each and every connection.

collage of artists using our products

Trusted by Today's Top Artists

‍‍‍With decades of experience building road worthy, reliable systems for the performing musician, it is no wonder that the top artists in the world look to Sound Sculpture for their effect switching systems and related accessories.

Switchblade wins Editor's Choice Award

Award Winning Design

Electronic Musician Magazine awards Sound Sculpture the Editor's Choice Award for the Switchblade design.

famous guitar techs

Embraced by the World's Best Guitar Techs

World class guitar techs have found our products to be reliable and a pleasure to use. Many of these tech's we consider our friends and always love to hear their stories from the road. 

Volcano volume pedal

The Volcano and Other Midi Accessories

One of our newest products, the Volcano has proven to be a best seller and offers remote control over volume levels anywhere in a system either under MIDI or by directly connecting an expression pedal. Other MIDI "Power Tools" are available from us to help you with special needs.

Switchblade 8F

The New Switchblade 8F Joins the Family

‍‍The remarkable new Switchblade 8F is the perfect Switching system for your floor effects board. With all the functionality of its bigger brothers with some surprising new features, this Switchblade will knock your socks off!